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Re: [FuSa SIG] Notes on MISRA C Reports and Methodology shared with us so far

On Wed, 8 Jan 2020, Lars Kurth wrote:
> Once this misunderstanding was cleared up, we discussed how we could make 
> this better. After a while we settled on Stefano providing some
> extra info, which is available at 
> https://cryptpad.fr/drive/#/2/drive/edit/9GIn7VTsT6zP8gcWUxEfDEIb/
> The results of that analysis are not yet available
> @Stefano: I know you pulled this manually together. Is there a way to 
> automate this via a script or to provide instructions?
> Going forward (we should briefly discuss this next week)

- The preprocessor defines are static and not really meant to change. I
  retrieved the list from the build logs (they are on the gcc command

- I don't have a way to retrieve automatically the list of functions
  implemented in assembly and called from C, I combed through
  xen/arch/arm/arm64/ manually.

- autoconfig.h and the xen .config and just taken from the build output

The interesting ones that might be worth to automate are the following:

- c and assembly files
remove the line "rm $(tmpfile)" under the cloc target in the Makefile
make xen
make cloc
Then have a look at the temporary file used as an input for cloc. So
basically, it is already almost automatic.

- header files
# cat all .d files generated by the build together
find . -name \*.d -exec cat {} \; > /tmp/output
# clean the file so that it is just a clean list of headers, i.e. with vim:
:%s/.* \//\//g
:%s/h \\/h/g
cat /tmp/output | sort | uniq > /tmp/output2
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