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Xen FuSa meeting minutes Jan 25

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  • From: Stefano Stabellini <stefano.stabellini@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2022 11:16:04 -0800
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Hi all,

These are the notes from today's meeting.

Apologies for the "meeting ID is invalid" errors when joining the
meeting. We are choosing a different slot for the meeting anyway -- I'll
send a new invite for the next meeting and the error will go away also.



# Conferences

A 2-hours session to discuss the MISRA-C code style in details with the
maintainers at the next Xen Summit.

Submitting a presentation to the next Elisa workshop in April.

# FuSa meeting

Stefano to send a Doodle poll to find another slot for the call.


Bertrand is about to send the cppcheck patch to xen-devel. We are
waiting for an answer from David Ward about the MISRA-C copyright text.

We could start by sending a cppcheck patch that only checks for cppcheck
issues (not MISRA-C issues). This is a good way to start for a couple of
- we want to start by fixing cppcheck issues (not MISRA-C issues) anyway
- it reduces to total number of issues reported which makes the output
  easier to read and understand


The RCU subsystem is not useful today on ARM and it doesn't work when
using sched=null vwfi=native. We have fixes but not committed yet.
Should we remove the RCU (with a kconfig) on ARM instead? If the RCU is
not useful to Xen in general, we could maybe change it to something

Next step: understand why the RCU subsystem is useful today to x86.

# CI loop

We should add a cppcheck test to gitlab-ci. We could start by making the
test fail if new issues are reported of types we currently don't have
any reported issues for.

We also need a real-time test. Stefano has a real-time test, but where
to run it? Gitlab-ci only runs tests in emulators, we need to run this
on real hardware.

Do we need to add real hardware tests to gitlab-ci?



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