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[Minios-devel] Can't map grant_table between domains

Hi I was trying to make communication between Two mini-os domains.
I have offerer and mapper domains, offerer has ID=A, mapper has ID=B.

Offerer function:

        setup_op.dom = DOMID_SELF;
        setup_op.nr_frames = 1;
        setup_op.frame_list = (uint64_t*)grant_table;
        HYPERVISOR_grant_table_op(GNTTABOP_setup_table, &setup_op, 1);
        grant_table[0].domid = B;
        grant_table[0].frame = *shared_page >> 12;
        flags = GTF_permit_access & GTF_reading & GTF_writing;
        grant_table[0].flags = flags;

Mapping function:

        gnttab_map_grant_ref_t map_op;
        map_op.host_addr = (uint64_t)shared_page;
        map_op.flags = GNTMAP_host_map;
        map_op.ref = entry;
        map_op.dom = A; 
        HYPERVISOR_grant_table_op(GNTTABOP_map_grant_ref, &map_op,1);

After that I always got map_op.status == -1
More over when I run xl dmesg I got followed error:

(XEN) grant_table.c:830:d28v0 Bad domain (0 != B), or risk of counter overflow 00000002, or subpage 0

Any idea what I can do in wrong way? I was trying to follow way how vTPM driver is working but after faced this error I can't move forward.

Thanks for any help.

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