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Re: [Minios-devel] Help with Unikraft tutorial

Hi Diego,

Unikraft currently supports running as a KVM or Xen VM (or a user-space 
process), so as long as you have a computer with any of these you can run the 
tutorial on it, no need for special infrastructure.

-- Felipe

On 03.07.19, 10:03, "Minios-devel on behalf of Diego Ampudia Ortega" 
<minios-devel-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of dampudia@xxxxxxx> wrote:

    I have just started with the Unikraft tutorial, and it says that to deploy 
the binaries I must apply for some testing infrastructure, but I don't know 
where to ask for it or the requirements to get it.
    Sorry if this isn't the proper place to ask, but I'm a bit lost here.
    Thank you very much in advance.
    Kind regards.
    D. Ampudia

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