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Re: [Minios-devel] [UNIKRAFT PATCHv5 3/6] plat/common: Implement gic-v2 library for Arm


On 7/10/19 6:52 AM, Jianyong Wu (Arm Technology China) wrote:
Hi julien,

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Subject: Re: [UNIKRAFT PATCHv5 3/6] plat/common: Implement gic-v2 library
for Arm


On 6/28/19 8:09 AM, Jia He wrote:
+static void gic_init_dist(void)
+uint32_t val, cpuif_number, irq_number;
+uint32_t i;
+/* Turn down distributor */
+/* Get GIC CPU interface */
+val = read_gicd32(GICD_TYPER);
+cpuif_number = GICD_TYPER_CPUI_NUM(val);
+if (cpuif_number > GIC_MAX_CPUIF)
+cpuif_number = GIC_MAX_CPUIF;
+uk_pr_info("GICv2 Max CPU interface:%d\n", cpuif_number);
+/* Get the maximum number of interrupts that the GIC supports */
+irq_number = GICD_TYPER_LINE_NUM(val);
+if (irq_number > GIC_MAX_IRQ)
+irq_number = GIC_MAX_IRQ;
+uk_pr_info("GICv2 Max interrupt lines:%d\n", irq_number);
+ * Set all SPI interrupts targets to all CPU.
+ */
+for (i = GIC_SPI_BASE; i < irq_number; i += GICD_I_PER_ITARGETSRn)
+ * Set all SPI interrupts type to be level triggered
+ */
+for (i = GIC_SPI_BASE; i < irq_number; i += GICD_I_PER_ICFGRn)
+write_gicd32(GICD_ICFGR(i), GICD_ICFGR_DEF_TYPE);

Why do you initialize SPI interrupts type to level-triggered? What if they are

I get this from xen, you can refer to [1] line 367 to get it.
[1] https://fossies.org/linux/xen/xen/arch/arm/gic-v2.c

Seems like you are using GPL code. Careful taking code from elsewhere especially with core libraries.

Jianyong wu

+ * Set all SPI priority to a default value.
+ */
+for (i = GIC_SPI_BASE; i < irq_number; i += GICD_I_PER_IPRIORITYn)
+ * Deactivate and disable all SPIs.
+ */
+for (i = GIC_SPI_BASE; i < irq_number; i += GICD_I_PER_ICACTIVERn)
+/* turn on distributor */
+static void gic_init_cpuif(void)
+uint32_t i;
+ * set priority mask to the lowest priority to let all irq
+ * visible to cpu interface
+ */
+/* set PPI and SGI to level triggered */
+for (i = 0; i < GIC_SPI_BASE; i += GICD_I_PER_ICFGRn)
+write_gicd32(GICD_ICFGR(i), GICD_ICFGR_DEF_TYPE);



Julien Grall
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