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Re: [Minios-devel] WebAssembly Runtime for Unikraft?

Great to hear! Unfortunately porting is beyond my skills but I'd love to help where I can! Fortunately, there are several implementations of Wasm runtimes that have a comptabible license. Are there any technical requirements that would need to be satisfied, like language or threading model?

On Fri, Jun 28, 2019 at 2:43 AM Simon Kuenzer <simon.kuenzer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hey Jonathan,


thanks for reaching out to us. We agree, WASM is another very interesting target and we had already internal discussions about porting this. You are right with your arguments.


So far, no one is working on this. Would you like to do a port of WASM to Unikraft? We could give some starting pointers.

An important criteria for selecting the runtime is the open source license that is used and if it is compatible to our Unikraft BSD license. For instance, projects using GPL ones would not work for us.


Let us know what you think.






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Subject: [Minios-devel] WebAssembly Runtime for Unikraft?


I'm new to Unikraft but as I understand it, new language support is added by adding new runtimes. Has the team evaluated using WebAssembly (https://webassembly.org/) as a runtime? WASM by design is meant to execute any language that can compile to it and by design isn't limited to the web (see https://webassembly.org/docs/non-web/.) There are many runtime implementations which could be used (https://github.com/appcypher/awesome-wasm-runtimes) and are running on everything from serverless compute platforms (https://www.cloudflare.com/products/cloudflare-workers/) to microcontrollers (https://github.com/intel/wasm-micro-runtime.) Adopting a WebAssembly runtime could open up Unikraft to many more languages, which means potential for code reuse.

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