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[UNIKRAFT/LIBP11-KIT v2 0/4] Reworked port of p11-kit

The libp11-kit library provides a way to load and enumerate PKCS#11
modules. In the case of Unikraft, it will work hand-in-hand with
libtasn1, if configured correctly.

The port ensures functionality for KVM and Linuxu, but only KVM was
thoroughly tested, as Linuxu could not be configured with 9pfs.
In the case of Xen, position independent code was not available.

The first version of the patches used the libraries build system to
generate object files and then linked them to Unikraft. This lead to
a lot of compatibility issues and had to be addressed.

Some tests still fail, but, hopefully, they will be addressed as soon
as possible in the next version of the patches.

Cezar Craciunoiu (4):
  Add information files and patches
  Add Config.uk
  Add missing necessary functions as glue
  Add Makefile.uk with the build logic




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