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Re: [UNIKRAFT/LIBTASN1, 0/3] Port of libtasn1 with the test suite on Unikraft

Hi Laurentiu,

Good job here. I have only some additional comments:
1. I clone your repo for git and the naming was libtasn1, we have to take care when we push to Unikraft to respect the notation and I think we have to rename it to lib-tasn1.
2. Don't forget to delete the line from Makefile.uk - #  THIS HEADER MAY NOT BE EXTRACTED OR MODIFIED IN ANY WAY.
3. In my opinion I would change the menuconfig and for selecting the library libtasn1 from there would generate another page with all of the tests there and not in the main menu. We can talk tomorrow with the all team to see if it's better to make this change.
4. In README you said something about this line $(UK_LIBS)/libtasn1:$(UK_LIBS)/newlib to be added in Makefile. c. This line can be confusing because the naming of the newlib is lib-newlib in the official repo.

Nothing more from me. Great job!

Best regards
Mocanu Gabriel

În dum., 8 nov. 2020 la 19:10, Laurentiu Barbulescu <lrbarbulescu@xxxxxxxxx> a scris:
The libtasn1 library provides Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1, as specified
by the X.680 ITU-T recommendation) parsing and structures management, and
Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER, as per X.690) encoding and decoding functions.

Laurentiu Barbulescu (3):
  Introduce library skeleton
  Add glue code
  Add Makefile.uk




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