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Re: [PATCH] arm/entry: set x0 before cache maintenance.

On 02/02/2021 02:51, Jianyong Wu wrote:
Hi Julien,


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Unrelated to this patch, I am a bit confused with the code. The
comment on top of __libkvmplat_entry suggests that the DTB in x0, so
this implies the DTB can be dynamic.

I don't think the dtb address can be dynamic. The   __libkvmplat_entry is a
"C" function and the "_dtb" will be its parameter.
Maybe we can use "const" to bond the parameter of __libkvmplat_entry.
Does that do your trick?

I couldn't find the caller to _libkvmplat_entry. Would you mind to give a
pointer to the code calling it?

Sorry to have mistaken _libkvmplat_entry to _libkvmplat_start. The _libkvmplat_start is a 
"C" function, and _libkvmplat_entry is entry code with no caller.

However, this line will load the DTB from the image. Can you clarify
the expected behavior?

This load ops only pass the dtb address to the __libkvmplat_entry.  And I'm
not sure why it's not clear about that. Can you give more info?

On a Linux setup, the device-tree is most of the time not embedded in the
kernel. Instead, it is provided by the firmware (or possibly the toolstack in a
virtualized environment).

In those setup, the device tree physical address will be provided in x0.

_libkvmplat_entry has the following comment on top:

   * The registers used by _libkvmplat_start:
   * x0 - FDT pointer

So I thought you were following the same behavior as Linux. But from what
you wrote, the DTB will instead be embeded in Unikraft. Is that correct?

In unikraft, DTB is provided by hypervisor like qemu. Qemu/virt puts the DTB at 
1G of physical address in guest.
The "_dtb" is initialized in link script as 1G. In the _libkvmplat_entry,
we treat _dtb as both the beginning of the normal memory in unikraft and the 
start address where stores DTB.
Maybe that confused you.

Ah! So the DTB will always be loaded at the same place in your case. Now it makes sense, thanks for the explanation!

So I can offer another symbol to represents the beginning of the normal memory 
to distinguish with _dtb.
Then we will only use the "_dtb" as the parameter of _libkvmplat_start.

This would be great.


Julien Grall



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