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April 30, 21
09:40 Re: [UNIKRAFT PATCH] plat/xen: x86: Detect initrd entry from start_info Mocanu Gabriel
April 22, 21
14:25 Re: [RFCv4,14/35] plat/ofw: Support completed ranges mapping Razvan Virtan
09:45 Re: [RFCv4,28/35] plat/kvm/arm: Add a memory hole at the beginning 128M Razvan Virtan
09:44 Re: [RFCv4,06/35] plat/kvm: arm64: Fix arm64 memory layout for pcie ecam Razvan Virtan
April 20, 21
08:56 Re: [RFCv4,25/35] plat/virtio: Change irq,base from u16 to u64 on arm64 Razvan Virtan
07:39 Re: [RFCv4,10/35] lib/ukbus: Adjust default bus register priority Razvan Virtan
07:36 [PATCH] arm/entry: set x0 before cache maintenance. Jianyong Wu
April 19, 21
15:07 Re: [RFCv4,23/35] plat/pci_ecam: Fix a lot compilation warnings in pci_ecam Razvan Virtan
14:42 Re: [RFCv4,22/35] build: Enable pci library on arm64 Razvan Virtan
14:32 Re: [RFCv4,20/35] build: Make KVM_PCI default enable on arm64 Razvan Virtan
10:14 Re: [UNIKRAFT PATCH 6/7] build: `*.in` files as pure pre-processed files Vlad-Andrei BĂDOIU
10:13 Re: [UNIKRAFT PATCH 7/7] build: Support generating C/C++ headers with pre-processing Vlad-Andrei BĂDOIU
10:12 Re: [UNIKRAFT PATCH 5/7] build: Introduce pre-processing build stage (`preprocess`) Vlad-Andrei BĂDOIU
10:05 Re: [UNIKRAFT PATCH 4/7] build: Pre-processing rule for AWK progfiles Vlad-Andrei BĂDOIU
10:05 Re: [UNIKRAFT PATCH 3/7] build: Per-file flags and includes for M4 pre-processing Vlad-Andrei BĂDOIU
10:05 Re: [UNIKRAFT PATCH 2/7] build: Use secondary expansion for M4 pre-processing Vlad-Andrei BĂDOIU
10:04 Re: [UNIKRAFT PATCH 1/7] build: Enable extending pre-processing rules Vlad-Andrei BĂDOIU
April 16, 21
16:35 Re: [RFCv4,21/35] plat/pci_bus: Change pci_device.base from u16 to unsigned long Razvan Virtan
16:33 Re: [RFCv4,09/35] plat/pci_ecam: Introduce pci ecam skeleton Razvan Virtan
15:46 Re: [RFCv4,09/35] plat/pci_ecam: Introduce pci ecam skeleton Razvan Virtan
14:49 Re: [RFCv4,08/35] plat/pci_ecam: Introduce pci/pci_ecam.h Razvan Virtan
14:34 Re: [RFCv4,07/35] plat/ofw: Export fdt_find_irq_parent_offset Razvan Virtan
April 05, 21
16:21 Re: [RFCv4,05/35] build: Enable the platform bus and virtio_mmio device on arm64 Razvan Virtan
April 03, 21
14:51 Re: [RFCv4,31/35] plat/virtio_mmio: Fix virtqueue size for virtio 9p device Razvan Virtan
14:46 Re: [RFCv4,13/35] plat/virtio_mmio: Implement platform probe for virtio_mmio Razvan Virtan
14:44 Re: [RFCv4,04/35] plat/virtio: Add new virtio_mmio device/driver on arm64 Razvan Virtan

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