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OCAML trouble

Hi gurus,

I am trying to construct a dnspacket; and I just can't seem to get the
typing right for this detail record.

The record structure looks like this inside dnspacket.ml:

type detail = {
  qr: qr;
  opcode: opcode;
  aa: bool;
  tc: bool;
  rd: bool;
  ra: bool;
  rcode: rcode;

So I am trying to construct one in my code like this:

module DP = Dnspacket


let d:DP.detail = {qr = `Query; opcode = `Query; aa = false; tc = false;
rd = false; ra = true; rccode = `NoError;} in
        print_endline (detail_to_string d);

Which produces this error after the mir-unix-direct build:

Error: Unbound record field label qr

Now earlier I did an experiment to make sure qr had the right type, but
printing our the qr_to_bool of q which worked fine. Somehow though however
I massage it to produce the record I get an error. Can you help me Obi




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