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Re: build broken + doc

I'm fixing the Xen issue now; I forgot to push from my Linux box.

How is 'make doc' broken for you? Works here for me. The steps are still a 
little manual for the JSON. You need to:

$ cd mirage.git
$ make doc
$ cd docs
$ ./_build/parse.native ../lib/_build/unix-direct # or another backend

Now checkout mirage-browser.git, and put the JSON file from the last command 
into mirage-browser/data/info.json, and load index.html.

Once the browser settles down (and it would be really nice to have something 
ready for the tutorial), we can hook up all the commands into the Makefile.


On 15 Sep 2011, at 16:05, Thomas Gazagnaire wrote:

> Seems there is a pb with type "feautes" and "t" in os/xen/blkif.ml
> Also, is there an easy way to get some doc ? 'make doc' seems broken as well 
> ...



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