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Re: error handling

On 13 Mar 2012, at 14:22, Thomas Gazagnaire wrote:

>> Wouldn't it be possible to use ocaml-exc (ocamlpro's uncaught
>> exception analyser) with (possibly a fake version of) Lwt to check for
>> that?
> ocamlexc has been made to compile with the latest version of ocaml, but we 
> haven't started yet to use it with recent OCaml programs (and the UI is a bit 
> weird). We are trying to find someone to work on that though :-) We'll met 
> François Pessaux (the original writer of ocamlexc) later this week, so I'ill 
> ask him directly about using its tool in the context of lwt.

Can it work on a specific module? It's the sort of thing that would be cool to 
have in
typerex:  Mouse over a module and have it tell you all the potential exceptions 
that show
up from code in that module!  I bet running it over XAPI would be interesting.

Have you hacked up a vim/typerex module yet, Raphael? :-)




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