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ocaml-dns and dependencies, and an SSH easter egg

I've just merged in Haris' and Mort's work on DNSSEC into ocaml-dns (which
is awesome!).  A quick note on dependencies... I noticed the patchsetg
added extlib in there, which is a grab-bag of useful additional functions.

However, these 'mega stdlibs' make it very difficult to make the Xen
microkernels compile, as they pull in all kinds of UNIX-specific stuff. So
in this case, I removed the dependency and used Cryptokit's Base64
transformer instead (and Cryptokit will definitely be made to work under

So if you do need something from Extlib, or Core, or one of the stdlibs,
send this list a quick mail and we'll figure out the best way forward. I
would strongly prefer to have many small libraries rather than a mega
stdlib.  Thomas is hard at work fixing the package management issues that
will bring :-)

PS: Haris, you may want to grab some code from my 2005 'mldig' which
emulates much of the front end:

PPS: I've also cleaned up and uploaded http://github.com/avsm/ocaml-ssh
which is a working pure OCaml version of the SSH protocol. You can ssh
into the test program on port 22 (avsm, pass wibble) and get yourself a
shell. It should be relatively straightforward to link this in to the Xen
backend to get an interactive OCaml top-level via SSH, to make debugging a
much more pleasant experience.  The SSH code requires some, ah, "cleanup"
before release though (documented in the README).

Anil Madhavapeddy                                 http://anil.recoil.org



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