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Fwd: [Caml-list] OCaml app for iOS, Schnapsen card game

If anyone gets a chance, trying this out on iPhone (and Android too) would
be most useful. The ARM generator in the native code compiler is very good now,
and embedding Signpost+Mirage applications in normal mobile phones would be


Begin forwarded message:

> From: Jeffrey Scofield <jeffsco@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: [Caml-list] OCaml app for iOS, Schnapsen card game
> Date: 21 March 2012 22:13:07 GMT
> To: caml-list@xxxxxxxx
> As more proof that you can write real-world iOS apps in OCaml, our little
> outfit Psellos has just released a second OCaml app through the App Store.
> It plays the classic card games Schnapsen and Sixty-Six.
> You can find info about the app at our website:
>    http://psellos.com/
> We think using OCaml was a real advantage in building the game-playing
> engine.  It also seemed a great fit for the animation subsystem that I
> wrote to make the cards move (immutably).
> Also, these are great card games.  One of our friends was inspired by
> the app to start up a blog about Schnapsen (also on the website).
> In addition to the two apps that we sell (for cheap), I've written 5
> apps that show how to code for iOS in OCaml.  The sources for all 5 are
> available at our website in the OCaml section
> (http://psellos.com/ocaml/).  A few people have used these examples as
> the basis for their own apps.
> There's also info on how to cross compile to iOS and to the iOS
> Simulator, how to build the cross compilers we're using, and how to use
> OpenGL ES from OCaml.
> Recently there was a question about updating our tools to work with
> Apple's latest Xcode.  Now that the app is released, I'll be doing that
> as soon as I can.
> I'm trying my best to start a worldwide OCaml-on-iOS craze :-), and
> would be very happy to hear from anyone interested.
> Regards,
> Jeffrey Scofield
> Seattle
> jeffsco@xxxxxxxxxxx
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