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Re: 64-bit bootloaders

Have you tried it?  I just downloaded it via the Github repo at 

It appears to use NASM instead of GAS, but I'm not sure which version to try.  
Compiling under Debian/wheezy/amd64 gives all sorts of interesting compilation 

$ nasm fat16.asm -o fat16.sys
fat16.asm:170: error: impossible combination of address sizes
fat16.asm:170: error: invalid effective address
fat16.asm:177: error: impossible combination of address sizes
fat16.asm:177: error: invalid effective address

I'll take a look later, but wondering if you have a working build environment 
before I dig deeper.  It looks like its intended to be built on Windows, 
judging from the lack of Makefiles.


On 4 Jul 2012, at 08:19, Dave Scott wrote:

> Hi,
> I came across this project:
> http://www.returninfinity.com/pure64.html
> It's a 64-bit OS bootloader with minimal backwards compat stuff under a BSD 
> license. Perhaps we could glue it onto mirage to complement the xen PV 
> support. It would be fun to write an IDE driver in ocaml :-)
> Cheers,
> Dave



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