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Re: version pinning in OPAM

>> sounds useful!  i prefer your second suggestion (not having the version 
>> number in the package being pinned).
>> would it be possible to extend what you say so that i could type:
>> $ opam pin mirage 0.3dev      # to pin the mirage package to upstream 
>> release 0.3dev
>> $ opam pin mirage /local/path    # to pin the mirage package to my local path
>> $ opam unpin mirage        # to "unpin" and go back to tracking the upstream
>> (or the latter could be "$ opam pin mirage latest" or somesuch if you don't 
>> want the extra verb.)
> Oh that's a good idea: it would also permit the user to prevent a package 
> from being updated even if a new version is available upstream.  Just like 
> the Debian apt source for 

I quite like the idÃal as well, so I'll go implementing something like that 
(but I will avoid to add a new verb for unpinning)




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