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Re: opam remove doesn't completely...

On 17 Jul 2012, at 11:05, Richard Mortier wrote:
> : mort@greyjay:ocaml-openflow$; opam remove bitstring
> : mort@greyjay:ocaml-openflow$; find ~/.opam -name "*bitstring*"
> /Users/mort/.opam/archives/bitstring.2.0.3.tar.gz

Yeah, in my laziness, I've not been adding 'remove' entries to some
of the newer packages.

In opam-repo/opam/bitstring.2.0.3, we have:

opam-version: "1"
package "bitstring" {
  version: "2.0.3"
  maintainer: "<none>"
  substs: []
  build: [ ["./configure"] ["make" "srcdir=./"] ["make" "install"] ]
  depends: ["base-unix" "ocamlfind"]
  depopts: []
  conflicts: []
  libraries: []
  syntax: []

There also needs to be an entry:

remove: [["ocamlfind" "remove" "bitstring"]]

Now added and synched...




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