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Re: about "hello mirage world"


On Fri, Jul 27, 2012 at 02:41:01PM +0100, Yiming Zhang wrote:
> First, it is required to "have mir-xen in your PATH", but where mir-xen is?
> And second, the first step is to "cd mirage.git/regress", but where
> mirage.git is?

I think it is because the documentation has not been updated.  There was a
major reorganization for the Mirage sources: mirage.git has been split into
multiple smaller repositories that now you can find under mirage.github.com
(and install via using OPAM).

The old mirage.git repository lives at Anil's github's profile, that is where
you could find the referenced files:


However, I do not know whether it would make any sense to use them any more.

Hope that helps.



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