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Re: experiencing problems...

Ok, so I've checked through OPAM and promoted a number of the dev repositories 
as stable versions on upstream OPAM (uri, re, cstruct, cow).

$ opam init default http://mirage.github.com/opam-0.4
$ opam install cstruct re uri oasis

...will work for now for those.

The remaining ones in 'development' state are DNS and Cohttp. David Sheets and 
I've done a very large fixup of Cohttp so that it can work across 
Lwt-SSL/Async, and have made the Github bindings work really well with them (we 
need this for the CUFP OCaml tutorial).

For your immediate purposes, you just need to do an OPAM init and install those 
packages, and do the benchmarking of cstruct vs bitstring.  The correct DNS 
repo is the mirage/ocaml-dns one (all of our repos are moving towards the 
mirage/ organisation, so no confusion there).

I'm hoping to merge the cohttp changes tomorrow when I get the Mirage backend 
working, and then cut a release of that and the Github bindings also.

Thomas: do you have an ETA on a 'beta' version of OPAM that is stable?  We need 
to have a version that can be put on the CUFP VMs also, and it seems pretty 
stable now.

Haris: I'll look at the Openflow merge tomorrow just as soon as Cohttp is done 
(that took some time to get right today).


On 31 Aug 2012, at 03:52, Richard Mortier <Richard.Mortier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 

> trying (finally!) to get setup to do the performance test of dns-cstruct vs 
> dns-bitstring. seem to be having some problems which are probably all solved 
> somewhere.  (and i also seem to be having problems getting my irc tunnels 
> setup to connect from the office else i'd ask this on irc...)
> * http://tutorial.openmirage.org/ currently returns a connection refused
> * opam init default ... per the website fails complaining that a number of 
> urls can't be found, eg., http://mirage.github.com/opam/0o0755. dug out 
> anil's last mail pointing to the opam-0.4 repo and that seems to work though.
> * minor niggle- just did a base install, and then opam switch-ed to xen and 
> then unix-direct versions to get them installed. seemed to use wget to 
> download urls.txt a number of times, without overwriting, so i now have 
> urls.txt.[1-9] in addition to urls.txt in /home/rmm/.opam/repo/default/ -- is 
> that intentional?
> * (opam install dns) dependency on oasis, re, uri not captured
> * (unix) opam install re fails as docs want to be built into 
> /usr/local/share/doc/
> lost track of opam development slightly - for the last two items, should i 
> just clone the repo at <https://github.com/mirage/opam-repo-dev> (or 
> <https://github.com/mirage/opam-repo/> ?) and fix things?
> -- 
> Cheers,
> R.
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