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lwt-json-logger and crunch releases

I've released another two packages into OPAM today:

ocaml-crunch: http://github.com/mirage/ocaml-crunch

$ opam update
$ opam install crunch
$ man ocaml-crunch
$ ocaml-crunch --help

This is a tidied up version of the mirage-fs `mir-crunch` utility, which 
converts a directory into a static OCaml module that has no dependency on
that filesystem.

It uses cmdliner to generate man pages and nice help, so I separated it
from the mirage-fs repository (which is where all the Block and Fat32
libs go, and this is useful independently. 


ocaml-lwt-json-logger: http://github.com/avsm/ocaml-lwt-json-logger

$ opam install lwt-json-logger

This uses crunch to embed a debug web server within any Lwt/Mirage
binary, and serves up the log messages using fancy AJAX.  To try it
out, opam install the library (so you have all the dependencies) and
then clone the repo and run ./_build/lib_test/lwt_json_logger_test.native

It will start a webserver on localhost:8080, which you can connect to
with a web browser to see the debug messages.

The interface is still pretty beta, but I'm going to start using it
in the Signpost code and see how useful it is.  I hope to add more
live progress bars using js_of_ocaml soon!




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