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Re: paper from nec/ucl along mirage lines

well derrrrrr- of course I had meant this to be local only
distribution and now i've blown the authors anonimity w.r.t future
submission and disclosed work in progress - 

please please delete/ignore/forget you saw my 
unethical dist of this and forgive me...
for waste of bandwidth/disk too

In missive <CAEeTejLBTV_7usXpqgLPy-m97a4-Dn7ViYzJMcu9uP44gxQ-_Q@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
, Jon Crowcroft typed:

 >>this paper didn't make it into hotnets....please dont fwd..
 >>Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1
 >>this paper didn&#39;t make it into hotnets....please dont fwd..





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