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Re: opam-repo-dev now less useful

On Sun, Feb 10, 2013 at 6:19 PM, Anil Madhavapeddy <anil@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Now that OPAM is settling down, the mirage/opam-repo-dev remote is considerably less useful.  Its primary goal is to have the bleeding edge versions of all the repositories, but in practise this means that we just forget to cut releases, and users without this remote get errors.

Now, the easy alternative to having this remote is simply to 'opam pin git://foo/bar' to get a local development copy.  With this in mind, I think we should get rid of this remote, and instead use git://github.com/mirage/opam-repository to commit proper releases.

Thoughts? I'm particularly interested in Dave/Jon, as they may have hidden dependencies on opam-repo-dev that I don't know about.  But I suspect you've moved the Citrix stuff onto xen-org/opam-repo-dev...?

I think the xen stuff uses xen-org/opam-repo-dev and doesn't depend on the mirage/opam-repo-dev, so you won't break anything by removing mirage/opam-repo-dev. We've been copying your style there :-)

It's a fair observation that we're using the opam-repo-dev as a shortcut to avoid thinking about releases. This would indeed explain why things work just fine for us with all the dev repos, but not for casual users who opt for the stable, non-dev repos. If the 'opam pin git://' works then I say: remove the mirage/opam-repo-dev remote and let's all use the stable versions and make sure they're rock solid.

The xen-org/opam-repo-dev contains a bit of a backlog of unreleased stuff. I need to tidy up xenopsd (the lowest piece) and cut a release as soon as possible.



Dave Scott



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