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ANN: ocaml-cstruct-0.7.0

I've just released another beta of Cstruct to OPAM with the following changes.  
This is the first release add early Core/Async support (which will be used in 
another set of upcoming libraries), so I've cross posted to the OCaml Core and 
Mirage lists.

See http://github.com/mirage/ocaml-cstruct for a README with examples.
The overall interface should still be considered beta and subject to change 
(see the TODO).

0.7.0 (25-Feb-2013):

* Add zero-copy conversion functions to/from the Core `Bigsubstring`.
* Add an `of_string` function to simplify the construction from OCaml values.
* Add Async interface to interoperate with Jane Street Core code.

0.6.2 (08-Feb-2013):

* Add experimental `cstruct.obuild` for the `obuild` build tool.
* Use bounds checked version of all functions in the external interface.
* Expose the `Cstruct.debug` to dump internal state of a buffer to a string.
* Add `set_len` and `add_len` to manipulate the total-length field directly.




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