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Re: mirari updates

On 27/02/2013 21:52, Anil Madhavapeddy wrote:
I think we're ready to start moving all the docs on the website over to
Mirari now. Do you have your Xen kernels all working now Vincent?

Hi. I just joined the cl-mirage mailing list, so you don’t have to CC me anymore.

No, I have a problem with the UNIX backend, the function pcap_opendev is not implemented in Linux. I have tried to implement that this afternoon, only to find out in the end that this was not straightforward (pcap_open_live returns a pcap_t * and not a fd). I did not have the time to inquire further. I spent hours trying to make the buildsystem (which is based on a cmd script + ocamlbuild/custom myocamlbuild -- maybe we should port that on obuild ?) link the resulting libs with pcap (-lpcap). I did not manage to do that either, wasn’t proficient enough in ocamlbuild scripting.

So because of that, the tcp example in mirage-skeleton do not work in UNIX (and #require "mirage";; in utop fails as well because of pcap_opendev not implemented/linked).

I have taken good note of your comments about mirari run and I will try to figure out a solution for that.

Cheers !




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