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Re: mirari updates

On 27/02/2013 21:52, Anil Madhavapeddy wrote:
- In the UNIX backend, in mirage-platform/unix/runtime/tap_stubs_*.c,
   we currently hardcode an `ifconfig` to give the tap device
   a static IP address.  This has made it easy so far to get networking
   up and running, but the tap device setup really ought to be done by
   Mirari-run instead of the Mirage-platform libraries (which should just
   open a tun passed to them).

I don’t think mirari (and obviously even less Netif) should setup the tap since it requires root access. Mirari should give instructions on how to do so, but not issue root commands itself.

I understand the benefit of simplifing the process of running mirage applications but in my opinion, it is not acceptable that mirari run as root.

Please tell me what you think about it.

About the Xen backend, we should decide on a standard way to execute kernels (as Anil said). At the moment, I only tested the xl create -c config.cfg kernel.xen method, which works well. If I understand well, it is better to use libvirt as it is a library that could be better integrated with mirari. I did not test it yet, but plan to do it asap.

Cheers !




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