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Re: very odd behaviour using 4.00.1+mirage-unix

On 19/03/2013 16:06, Richard Mortier wrote:
all-- has anyone else seen any problems like this using mirage-unix on linux, 
or does it all just work for you? i don't have a box that's just running 
vanilla linux on the metal without some form of virtualisation to test that -- 
any chance someone else does?  is it possible it's specifically a 
tuntap/virtualisation problem?

vincent-- i understand you're working on ocaml tuntap bindings?  any chance 
they might have some unit tests and are available yet -- i think that would 
really help me try to debug this...

Last time I tried, it was working well on Linux (I managed to get the website working with the UNIX backend).

Have a look at github.com/vbmithr/ocaml-tuntap for the bindings, there is a "tunctl" utility that you can try and the code is documented.

I was not able to compile it under OSX for now (obuild problem), but the Linux version is working for me.





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