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[ANN] mirage-fs-0.5.0 and mirari-0.9.2

I’m pleased to announce the release of the two aforementionned versions of mirage-fs and mirari.

* mirage-fs (mir-crunch) now has a -o option to write its output in a file instead of in stdout. It was needed when using the autoswitch feature of mirari: indeed, opam config exec "program arg1 ... argn" --switch=foo does not spawns the line inside "" in a subshell, but directly runs the program and its arguments, and that was breaking mirari.

* mirari now has a mirari clean target that does the cleaning after a mirari build. It has also the "autoswitch" feature: manual switching is not needed anymore, and --xen and --unix switches are available to build the mirage-kernel for backends xen and unix-direct respectively.

So, the workflow of developing mirage with mirari does not involve switching anymore. Just use the --xen or --unix arguments to commands passed to mirari (while in your usual switch) to use the selected backend.





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