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OpenFlow version hell

As mentioned on today's Mirage call, here are some pointers to
OpenFlow versioning issues.


This document underplays the issues, especially for OpenFlow 1.1.
There are major changes in the semantics for flow matching.

- Wildcards vs. exact matching

OF 1.0, Section 3.4:

  Packets are matched against flow entries based on prioritization. An
  entry that specifies an exact match (i.e., it has no wildcards) is
  always the highest priority.  All wildcard entries have a priority
  associated with them. Higher priority entries must match before
  lower priority ones.

OF 1.3.1, Section 5.3:

 The packet is matched against the table and only the highest priority
 flow entry that matches the packet must be selected.

(The language is a little more ambiguous in OF 1.1, but the intent is
 clarified in 1.3.1 above.

 Section OF 1.1, Section 4.4:

   The switch should apply the instruction set and update the
   associated counters of only the highest-priority flow entry
   matching the packet.

- VLAN tag matching

Summarized here:





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