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Re: Current state of the UNIX backend

On 25/05/2013 14:16, Anil Madhavapeddy wrote:
On 24 May 2013, at 19:23, Vincent Bernardoff <vb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all,

Apparently, the current state of mirage for UNIX-direct is broken for me.

Could you test it for me, Mac users:

cd mirage-skeleton/basic
mirari configure --unix
mirari build --unix
sudo ./mir-hello

So, thanks to Anil we now have a fixed version of tuntap for Mac (for some reason, the code was already working on Linux).

The next problem I have is with the new backend on Mac (please test for those who can):

* Use my repo (git://github.com/vbmithr/, mirage-platform, mirage-net and mirari pinned to branch new-unix-backend2). Pin those packages and install them.

* go to mirage-skeleton/basic
* mirari configure --unix
* Edit the generated file backend.ml to add a Tuntap.set_ipv4… line in order to assign an IPv4 on the host side for the unikernel (mandatory on mac).
* mirari run --unix

You will notice that the unikernel will block (Just after Manager: plug tap0).

Debugging with printf, I was able to spot that the problem seems to be that in mirage-net/ Ethif.create, the listen function never returns, and the code blocks here.

It happens only on Mac, so I am a bit confused here. The usage of dtruss did not help me much :(

So Anil or anybody else, if you could have a look at that and understand the problem it would be awesome, and it would enable me to merge the new unix backend, that makes IP configuration on the interface much more flexible.





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