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Re: xmlm input function with blocking

On 27 May 2013, at 15:08, Daniel Bünzli <daniel.buenzli@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Do you have any thoughts on how to support this in xmlm streaming API? A 
>> Would_block exception would be sufficient to signal a temporary failure, but 
>> then there also needs to be a function to restart the Xmlm parser from 
>> within the I/O loop.
> Sure, that's exactly what non-blocking codecs solve [1]. If you use a `Manual 
> source you provide the buffer to read from and the computation suspends and 
> asks for more if it cannot proceed (Xmlm.input returns `Await).  
> On my side, at the moment, only uutf [2] and jsonm [3] support that (and Vg's 
> "stored" -- file formats -- renderer). This is the reason why I eventually 
> need to make an incompatible Xmlm 2.0.0 rewritten on top of uutf.
> A simple example showing usage of `Manual sources in uutf with Unix.read can 
> be found here [4] (the second function, lines_fd). It should convince you 
> that this is what you want.

Got it. I'm happy to go with jsonm actually.  I just need an example to 
illustrate interfacing parsing long running connections with Async Pipes, and 
JSON works just as well as XML for that purpose.




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