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New UNIX backend, mirage-platform/mirage-net

Hi all,

I would like any potential person interested in the UNIX-direct backend for Mirage to have a look at the changes I am going to introduce:

* In mirage-platform: https://github.com/mirage/mirage-platform/pull/43
* In mirage-net: https://github.com/mirage/mirage-net/pull/28

Basically, the changes remove the creation of virtual interfaces (tap) from mirage-platform, instead, mirage-platform will listen to a Lwt_stream in order to receive "vif infos", the stream itself being pushable via a function in OS.Netif (OS.Netif.add_vif).

The changes in mirage-net reflect those changes in mirage-platform, the Manager.create function now only takes a callback argument (the function to be called when new interfaces pop up), instead of giving optional arguments for OS.Netif.create to create something that has been requested by the manager. This is more consistent with how a unikernel under Xen gets its network interfaces via the XenStore.

It is now up to mirari (or code generated by mirari) to call OS.Netif.add_vif with a fd of a created/opened interface.

Haris, if you always work on openvswitch stuff on Mirage, you are probably the person the most concerned by those changes, I might have broken a bit your PCAP stuff, please tell me if you have any problem I would work with you to solve them.



PS: This new backend comes with a new version of mirari whose release will follow very soon.



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