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Re: Mirage weekly call - today at 1600 BST

Sorry, wasn't able to make it either.  I've been sucked into the
hardware/Bluespec end of things, trying to get our FPGA OpenFlow
switch building and ported over from the Xilinx/NetFPGA platform to


On 15:27 Tue 04 Jun, Richard Mortier wrote:
> On 4 Jun 2013, at 15:13, Amir Chaudhry wrote:
> > Hi folks, this is a reminder of the Mirage weekly call.  From today at 4pm 
> > (BST) - call details are below.
> unfortunately can't make it today - exam marking.
> fwiw i've been trying to spend time on two things:
> 1/ mirage-on-nixos as a potentially convenient way to distribute mirage apps 
> for use by non-expert-users or in situations where xen unavailable. have 
> built a nixos vbox image with opam etc, now working on getting the correct 
> configuration automated and checking mirage works (i'm assuming that once 
> opam is there, it's all over bar the shouting :)  once that's up i'll turn it 
> into an AMI. hopefully by the end of the week.  
> <https://github.com/mor1/mirage-nixos>
> 2/ froctal -- started trying to document what i've been thinking about. 
> hopefully i'll ping the list with something also before the end of the week 
> so you can all tell me how misguided i am. <https://github.com/mor1/froctal>
> (both those repos are a bit out of date, as i have not been exercising good 
> commit discipline i'm afraid. will update tomorrow.)



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