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Fwd: [Caml-list] ANN: Real World OCaml beta1 available

We haven't shifted Mirage to Core yet, but it's on the cards for a post-1.0
change.  Your comments on RWO would be most welcome (see below).


Begin forwarded message:

> From: Anil Madhavapeddy <anil@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: [Caml-list] ANN: Real World OCaml beta1 available
> Date: 17 June 2013 14:16:56 BST
> To: caml users <caml-list@xxxxxxxx>
> Yaron Minsky, Jason Hickey and I are pleased to announce the beta release of
> our forthcoming O'Reilly book, called "Real World OCaml", available online at
> http://realworldocaml.org
> The book is split into three parts: language concepts, tools and techniques,
> and understanding the runtime.  As promised last year, we are making a public
> beta available for community review and to help us hunt down inaccuracies and
> find areas that need more clarification.
> We've had the book in closed alpha for six months or so and have developed a
> feedback system that uses Github to record your comments. This lets us follow
> up to each review with clarifications and keep track of our progress in fixing
> issues.  During alpha, we've received over 1400 comments in this fashion (and
> addressed the vast majority of them!).  However, since we anticipate more
> comments coming in from a public beta, we would request that you read the FAQ
> to avoid drowning us in repeat comments: http://www.realworldocaml.org/#faq
> (TL;DR followup another comment on Github directly if you can instead of
> creating a new issue via the web interface)
> This release is available in HTML format online at:
>   http://www.realworldocaml.org
> O'Reilly is currently preparing a Rough Cuts release that will make the beta
> available as PDF and in popular eBook formats.   We anticipate that this will
> be available later this week, and I'll send a followup when that happens.
> Finally, we would especially like to thank our alpha reviewers.  Their 
> feedback
> (https://github.com/ocamllabs/rwo-comments/issues) has been invaluable to the
> beta release. The book also includes substantial contributions to individual
> chapters from Jeremy Yallop (FFI), Stephen Weeks (GC) and Leo White (objects).
> If you have any comments that you'd like to send directly by e-mail, please
> contact us at rwo-authors@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Release notes for beta1:
> * The first-class modules chapter is incomplete, pending some portability
>  improvements to the ocaml-plugins Core library.
> * The binary serialization chapter is also incomplete, but has just enough
>  to teach you about the Async RPC library.
> * The installation chapter will be revised in anticipation of the OCaml 4.1
>  release, and is currently quite source-based.
> * The packaging and build systems chapter hasn't been started yet.  We're
>  still deciding whether or not to make this an online pointer rather than
>  a print chapter, since it's likely to change quite fast.
> * We are preparing exercises per chapter that are not included in this
>  particular beta release, but will be available online as soon as possible.
> * The code examples will all be clonable as a separate repository in beta2.
> best,
> Yaron, Jason and Anil
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