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ANN: cohttp-0.9.10 and cow-0.6.0

Two point releases with bugfixes today on OPAM.  Thanks to David Sheets
for most of the changes.

Cohttp 0.9.10 (2013-06-21):
* Add `set-cookie` header extraction functions for clients that read cookies.
* Explicitly flush the debug output when the `COHTTP_DEBUG` env variable is set.
* [async] Add client head/post/patch/delete methods.
* [lwt] Client.head no longer returns a response body, just the metadata.
* [lwt] Do not send chunked encoding headers with GET/DELETE requests that have 
no body. 

Cow 0.6.0 (21-June-2013):
* Add URI anti-quotation expander that maps `$uri:u$` to `Uri.to_string u`.
* Xmlm is now an external dependency instead of being bundled with Cow.
* Remove `?templates` from `Html.of_string` and `Xml.of_string`.

Anil Madhavapeddy                                 http://anil.recoil.org



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