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Re: mirage-platform commit on June 26

Hi Vincent,

I'm still using ocamlbuild.  From the mirage-net/direct directory I simply call "ocamlbuild tests/iperf_self/iperf_self.xen".  But for ocamlbuild to work right I make the following change to myocamlbuild.ml:

@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ module Configure = struct
   (* Flags for building and using syntax extensions *)
   let ppflags () =
     (* Syntax extensions for the libraries being built *)
-    flag ["ocaml"; "pp"; "use_syntax"] & S [config_sh "syntax.deps"];
+    flag ["ocaml"; "pp"(*; "use_syntax"*)] & S [config_sh "syntax.deps"];
     (* Include the camlp4 flags to build an extension *)
     flag ["ocaml"; "pp"; "build_syntax"] & S [config_sh "syntax.build"];
     flag ["ocaml"; "pp"; "build_syntax_r"] & S [config_sh "syntax.build.r"];

I then simply use the cfg file in the tests directory.  Apologies if this is unclear and non-standard, I will try to get this working with mirari etc, soon.


On Sun, Jun 30, 2013 at 1:08 PM, Vincent Bernardoff <vb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 28/06/2013 14:42, Vincent Bernardoff wrote:
On 28/06/2013 14:38, Balraj Singh wrote:
Hi Vincent,

I work on some of the mirage network stack.  If I include your
mirage-platform commit on june 26 (and change my Io_page calls to work
the changed interface) none of my tests work anymore.

A typical test I have (mirage-net/direct/tests/iperf_self/iperf-self.ml)
simply opens two interfaces and send a lot of data from one to the other.
  With the change I rarely, if at all, see any packets that I send
from one
interface on the other.  I usually see the packet out on the bridge
but not
back on my other interface.  Could you please help?

If you would like to run the test, please get the latest version of
mirage-platform and mirage-net from my branch (
github.com/balrajsingh/mirage-net.git, ...).  Build
mirage-net/tests/iperf_self/iperf_self.ml for mirage-xen and use the
iperf_self.cfg file in the same directory.

Many thanks,


Of course I will. I’m having a look at it ASAP.


Is there a simple way to build those tests ?




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