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Re: mirage-platform commit on June 26

On 30/06/2013 17:47, Balraj Singh wrote:
Hi Vincent,

I'm still using ocamlbuild.  From the mirage-net/direct directory I simply
call "ocamlbuild tests/iperf_self/iperf_self.xen".  But for ocamlbuild to
work right I make the following change to myocamlbuild.ml:

--- a/myocamlbuild.ml
+++ b/myocamlbuild.ml
@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ module Configure = struct
    (* Flags for building and using syntax extensions *)
    let ppflags () =
      (* Syntax extensions for the libraries being built *)
-    flag ["ocaml"; "pp"; "use_syntax"] & S [config_sh "syntax.deps"];
+    flag ["ocaml"; "pp"(*; "use_syntax"*)] & S [config_sh "syntax.deps"];
      (* Include the camlp4 flags to build an extension *)
      flag ["ocaml"; "pp"; "build_syntax"] & S [config_sh "syntax.build"];
      flag ["ocaml"; "pp"; "build_syntax_r"] & S [config_sh

I then simply use the cfg file in the tests directory.  Apologies if this
is unclear and non-standard, I will try to get this working with mirari
etc, soon.


Hey Balraj,

No problem.

I've ported the test to mirari:

See git://github.com/vbmithr/mirage-skeleton.git

In directory tcp
Just do make

On my machine, I can correctly build the kernel, but when I am running it, it is immediately crashing. Tell me how it works for you.

I'm going to try to compile under standard released versions of mirage/mirage-net. Hope we'll fix this! I'm quite happy about my various mirage refactorings, it would be a pity that I've really broken something..



PS: I have updated all mirage-skeleton. Now the Makefiles correctly detect the backend, (either mirage-xen or mirage-unix).



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