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Re: Github Releases, with excellent timing

Le mercredi, 3 juillet 2013 Ã 11:31, Anil Madhavapeddy a Ãcrit :
> Github just announced their new Release workflow, which looks excellent.
> https://github.com/blog/1547-release-your-software

It may work for you but that doesn't look different from the ability that was 
already existing to be able to download the checkout associated to a tag. They 
just renamed the "tags" tab in "releases" (which is completely stupid from a 
git semantics point of view, a tag is not necessarily a release) and added a 
way to attach text and files to a tag.

For me, as long as you cannot perform arbitrary transformation on the tree 
checkout to transform it into the released tree, this is going to be useless. I 
actually hate the fact that this cannot be disabled if you try to download what 
they now call a "release" for this specific package:

you are not going to get functioning software --- for a release of uunf data 
structures need to be computed from the Unicode character database and added to 
the source as constants.  

I want tools, not toys.




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