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Re: conflict-free replicated data-types

On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 5:51 PM, Thomas Gazagnaire <thomas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Currenlty, the only missing bits is a nice way to exchange distributed 
> datastructes between actors. I'm using Obj.magic in 
> https://github.com/samoht/ocaml-crdt/blob/master/test/main.ml, I would be 
> quite happy to find an other nicer solution (but I have none in mind 
> currently).

What about adding a functor layer? I haven't run the code, but I think
the idea would work. Here is the gist (I can try to run it later and
send a PR on github if it works).

replace ACTOR by:

module type ACTOR = sig
        include COMPARABLE
        val me: t
        val pack: t -> common
        val unpack: common -> t
        type common

And Make in CRDT.Clock by:

module MakeMake (C : sig type t end) (A : ACTOR with type common :=
C.t) = struct

Then the tests can be rewritten as:

module Common = struct type t = string end

module Foo = struct
  include MyString
  let me = "foo"
  let pack x = x
  let unpack x = x

module Bar = struct
  include MyString
  let me = "bar"
  let pack x = x
  let unpack x = x

module ClockTest = struct

  let name = "clock"

  module Foo = CRDT.Clock.MakeMake (Common) (Foo)
  module Bar = CRDT.Clock.MakeMake (Common) (Bar)

  let run () =
    let foo = Foo.empty in
    let bar = Bar.empty in
    let foo1 = Foo.incr (Foo.incr foo) in
    let bar1 = Bar.incr bar in
    let foo2 = Foo.merge foo1 (Foo.unpack (Bar.pack bar1)) in
    let bar2 = Bar.incr (Bar.incr bar1) in
    let bar3 = Bar.merge bar2 (Bar.unpack (Foo.pack foo2)) in
    let foo3 = Foo.merge foo2 (Foo.unpack (Bar.pack bar2)) in

    test name Foo.contents Foo.to_string int [
      ("foo1", foo1, 2);
      ("foo2", foo2, 2);
      ("foo3", foo3, 2);
    test name Bar.contents Bar.to_string int [
      ("bar1", bar1, 1);
      ("bar2", bar2, 3);
      ("bar3", bar3, 3);


RaphaÃl Proust



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