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9th July call: prep for OSCON

From the last Mirage call, actions:

- Anil: to prepare a 4.00.1 and 4.01.00 set of PPAs in Ubuntu, including OPAM.  
This should be everything needed to do a binary installation quickly out of the 
box to install Mirage libs, with fast clone.

- Jon/Vincent: Status of Vchan -- a CLI tool + lib to send RPCs back and forth 
from dom0 to a Mirage kernel listening on a vchan interface would be useful for 
logging without net.

- Dave: Working on first cut of a reveal.js presentation that can be 

- Dave: instructions for the blkback stub domain.

- Mort: NixOS blog post?

- all: there's a critical bug that's causing network interfaces to block for 
long periods of time, possibly just as simple as a missed event.  It's stopping 
website updates for the moment.  Vincent's looking at this -- it's very likely 
just a small regression from the recent net changes.




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