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Re: Fixed Mirage

On 11/07/2013 23:48, Anil Madhavapeddy wrote:
Hm, this is still pretty broken and crashes immediately on boot with


Whas crashes exactly ? the basic example with DHCP was working well for
me when I commited those changes…

Why did you remove the zeroing of the Io_pages?  That breaks
everything and the domain crashes as so> on as any shared rings are
used, since there is garbage on the ring at start.  I added a
memset(block, 0, len) into alloc_pages, and the domain now boots ok,
but I still see a lot of packet loss.  Investigating...

But I added the zeroing in the first place!!! Previously there was no zeroing at all, I then added it but removed it after I observed that the pages returned by memalign were actually always zeroed.

I had the impression that Xen would always zero the pages in order for domains not to be able to see other domains memory…

I'm a bit confused by what's happening I have to admit!




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