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Welcome to Gabor Pali (again!)

I just wanted to welcome Gabor Pali back again this summer to the Mirage crew.  
He's joining us in the Cambridge Computer Lab to resume hacking on the 
Mirage/kernel-FreeBSD backend which he began last summer, working with Robert 
Watson and myself.

Since his first prototype, we've made much progress on stability and packaging 
of the rest of the Mirage libraries.  We're aiming to upstream as much as 
possible of his work into the main trees this time around, and also to evaluate 
the effects of moving the Mirage stack in/out of kernel space (in addition to 
running as a Xen unikernel and userspace application).

This mail is a little belated, as Gabor has already submitted about 5 pull 
requests to fix various OPAM and Mirage issues on FreeBSD :-) 




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