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Re: Building mirage-www

Hi Richard,

I encountered '/bin/sh: 1: mirari: not found' error.

Please find appended below the console output.

Many thanks for your help.



$ opam remove mirage-xen

The following actions will be performed:
 - remove mirari.0.9.6 [use mirage-xen]
 - remove mirage.0.9.3 [required by mirari]
 - remove mirage-xen.0.9.3 [required by mirari]
0 to install | 0 to reinstall | 0 to upgrade | 0 to downgrade | 3 to remove
Do you want to continue ? [Y/n] y

=-=-= Removing Packages =-=-=
Uninstalling mirari.0.9.6.
Uninstalling mirage.0.9.3.
Uninstalling mirage-xen.0.9.3:
The archive for mirage-xen.0.9.3 is in the local cache.
Extracting /home/phiho/.opam/archives/mirage-xen.0.9.3+opam.tar.gz.
  make xen-uninstall PREFIX=/home/phiho/.opam/4.00.1+xen

$ make unix-socket-build
make FLAGS="--unix --socket" build
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/phiho/mirage-www'
cd src && mirari configure www.conf --unix --socket
/bin/sh: 1: mirari: not found
make[1]: *** [configure] Error 127
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/phiho/mirage-www'
make: *** [unix-socket-build] Error 2


On Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 7:12 AM, Richard Mortier <Richard.Mortier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
hi phiho;

On 5 Aug 2013, at 11:54, Phiho Hoang wrote:

> ...This 'make unix-socket-build' failed because of conflicts (please find the console output appended below)
> Please advise what need be done to resolve the conflicts.

the different targets for the mirage libraries conflict and can't be installed simultaneously in the same opam compiler switch.

the way that i deal with this is to have multiple compiler switches with the different mirage packages installed. i tried to explain this at the end of <http://openmirage.org/wiki/install> but now realise that it doesn't flow into <http://openmirage.org/wiki/mirage-www> as neatly as it might. i'll try and fix the install instructions so that it does!

basically-- the current compiler switch you're using has the mirage-xen package installed which conflicts with the mirage-unix packages (mirage-net-socket in this case). just "opam remove" the conflicting packages. in your case probably

$ opam remove mirage-xen


$ make unix-socket-build
$ make unix-socket-run

...should work, giving you a running instance of the openmirage website at localhost:80 (or whatever port number is currently specified in ./src/www.conf).

using multiple compiler switches to manage this is pretty straightforward: to build using the mirage network stack:

$ opam switch 4.00.1+mirage -a 4.00.1
$ eval $(opam config env)
$ make clean
$ make unix-direct-build
$ make unix-direct-run

...which should give you a running instance of openmirage website at (or specified port number as above).

then finally to build a xen vm:

$ opam switch 4.00.1+xen -a 4.00.1
$ eval $(opam config env)
$ make clean
$ make xen-build
$ make xen-run ## if appropriate :)

...which should result in openmirage website in a running vm.

> BTW, I am interested in learning SDN under Mirage, where can I find the play ground.

there are a couple of ocaml openflow bindings

        developed with mirage, for the ICC paper

        possibly more complete and actively developed, not checked

haris or anil probably know more about current status of these...



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