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Re: Vchan implementation in OCaml

On 06/08/2013 14:05, Vincent Bernardoff wrote:
I have mostly finished the vchan implementation for OCaml.

You can find the code here: http://github.com/vbmithr/ocaml-vchan.

Some packaging still need to be done in order to be able to quickly
switch compilation between the UNIX backend and the Mirage backend.

I encourage everybody interested in vchan to try it out! You will find a
"vchan echo server" in test/node_mirage.ml. There is a mirari config
file here that you can use to easily build it.

Otherwise, node_cli.ml is for the UNIX backend, and it is equivalent to
the vchan node test in the xen sources (tools/libvchan in Xen).

For some reason, I have problems with Xen currently on my machine, but I
encourage you to try to run the "node_mirage" server, and use node_cli
(or the program in the Xen tree) to test it out.



Actually, please wait for the new release of Mirage :)




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