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Re: OS.*

On 16/08/2013 12:36, David Scott wrote:

The hack I was thinking of was:

In your library write

   open OS
   open Eventchn

and then link the unix version against "mirage(-unix), xenctrl" and the
xen version against "mirage(-xen)". Under Unix the "open OS" is a no-op
and it will get Eventchn from xenctrl while and under xen the "open OS"
has the side-effect of unpacking the Eventchn from the OS module.

Does that work & make sense?


Yes, it would work (not even needed to open Eventchn). The drawback is that is only works on Mirage kernels (as opposed to traditional UNIX ocaml programs that would like to use eventchn).

A solution is to link mirage-unix even on programs that are not mirage unikernels. Not really perfect but OK for now.



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