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Mirari's dependency on mirage-net

Hi all,

I'm running into some build issues with mirari and its hard-coded dependency on "mirage-net".

I'm building a Xen kernel against a locally modified "mirage-platform" repository, which is a few versions behind the latest. When I build with mirari, it pulls in "mirage-net" (though I don't use it and it's not in my mirari config file), and I can't find any way to put a version constraint on the dependency. I need to install a slightly older version of "mirage-net" that compiles cleanly with my local "mirage-platform" repository.

I can fix this by putting a package like "mirage-net.999" or something in my local OPAM repository but this feels like a pretty unprincipled solution. Is there a better way to tell mirari that I want "mirage-net.0.9.2" instead of whatever the latest is? Or tell it not to pull in mirage-net at all?

(Also, I tried pinning mirage-net to 0.9.2 with OPAM but that seemed to want to downgrade a lot of packages and break the whole world... Plus, since that's an extra step that's not part of the build, it's hard to automate even if it was doing what I wanted.)


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