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Re: OCaml compiler hacking session

Quick reminder: the compiler hacking session is taking place tomorrow
(Wednesday).  If you're planning to come along, please add your name
to the Doodle poll:


On 4 September 2013 11:04, Jeremy Yallop <jdy22@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> We're organising a second OCaml compiler-hacking session!  Note the
> change of venue: this time we're going to be at Makespace on Mill
> Lane.
> If you're planning to come along, it'd be helpful if you could
> indicate interest via Doodle:
>    http://doodle.com/k6y2tiihkrb5vuw4
> Where: Makespace Cambridge, 16 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RX.
>        Directions: http://makespace.org/space/
> When: 6pm, Wednesday 18th September
> Who: anyone interested in improving OCaml.  Knowledge of OCaml
> programming will obviously be helpful, but prior experience of working
> on OCaml internals isn't necessary.
> What: fixing bugs, implementing new features, learning about OCaml internals
> We're defining "compiler" pretty broadly, to include anything that's
> part of the standard distribution, which means at least the standard
> library, runtime, tools (ocamldep, ocamllex, ocamlyacc, etc.), camlp4,
> ocamlbuild, the documentation, and the compiler itself.  We'll have
> suggestions for mini-projects for various levels of experience, but
> feel free to come along and work on whatever you fancy.
> We'll also be ordering pizza, so if you want to be counted for food
> you should aim to arrive by 6.30pm.



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