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Re: mirage examples running on android

On 17 Sep 2013, at 15:15, Christopher Greenhalgh wrote:

> On 17 September 2013 12:36 Richard  Mortier 
> [mailto:Richard.Mortier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] wrote:
>> ...was that clear from the mirage wiki install page though? (if not, i'll 
>> update.)
> Yes, I think if I had followed the mirage wiki one first it would have been 
> OK.


>> re running socket examples-- presumably as root, ie., you need to be running 
>> a rooted phone?
> My phone (actually tablet) is rooted but I don't think I used root 
> permissions doing this; it is also running cyanogenmod 10.1, not a stock 
> 4.2.2 firmware, but again I don't *think* this mattered. The android 
> permissions model is a little unusual as each application has its own uid to 
> support application sandboxing so the only thing I'm not sure about is where 
> the /data/local/tmp directory came from originally (only shell - i.e. the adb 
> shell - has write permission to it). The web server was running on port 8080 
> so no issues there.

ah- it was primarily that i thought it defaulted to port 80 that made me think 
this. it would be nice to know how far down the line we could go using mirage 
to develop "generic" android apps i guess.

>> i wonder if it's worth putting together something for the mirage wiki about 
>> more advanced build environments/targets?
> I've no idea if using ocamlfind toolchain is a sensible general way of doing 
> ocaml cross-compiling; I just followed what Vouillon's example... ;-)

fair enough -- maybe after others have some experience too then :)



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