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Re: mirage Xen microkernel monitoring in EC2


I think the question does make sense :)

We're still working on the "mirari" tool which is intended to make both build and deployment easier. One idea is that "mirari list" would be able to enumerate and query the status of running Mirage instances-- this could be used for basic monitoring.

Before "mirari list" is ready, perhaps they could run some external monitoring tool like nagios? Such a tool could periodically check the health of the Mirage instance(s) by ping or perhaps a simple HTTP transaction (depending on how the specific Mirage kernel is configured). Perhaps in future we should write an SNMP library for Mirage?

Another option would be to write a simple Mirage app to monitor another one by periodic ping/HTTP. Perhaps Mirage apps could be arranged in mutually-monitoring pairs. It might be better to start simpler than this though :)


On Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 9:48 PM, William Le Ferrand <warnegia@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear all,

What would be the best strategy to monitor a Mirage-brewed xen microkernel running in EC2? 

I'm trying to convince a customer to try Mirage, and the first question they have is "how do we monitor this thing?". Xen has snmp support but it probably can't be activated in EC2. 

Does this question even make sense :) ? 

Thanks in advance,



William Le Ferrand

Dave Scott



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