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Travis and OCaml, and even ARM

Good news everyone! I just had an exciting build failure that I wanted to share 
with you.

Dave and I have been switching a number of our OCaml GitHub repositories to use 
Travis continuous integration testing.  This is good enough for any tests that 
can run in an Ubuntu/i386 VM without hosting any infrastructure ourselves.  
Details here:

If you look at the bottom there, I used Ian Campbell's foreign-chroot 
instructions to get OCaml/ARM working too.  I've been activating this on 
various Mirage repositories to test our builds on ARM without having to have a 
box available, and so this is making it much easier to reproduce bugs such as 
this shared-memory-ring failure:
...just via this Travis log:

Now we just have to fix it, but that's pretty easy right? :-)

Are there any brave souls out there that might try to figure out how to get a 
Xen environment working from within Travis?  It would only need to boot Mirage 
kernels, so it's ok to be a bit slow...

(I expect to finish the conversion of all the Mirage release repositories to 
Travis this week, and it would be great to see XAPI repos like xenopsd also 
activated, which I believe Dave is working on).




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